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#The Other Side of YOU


Lately, I’ve seen that people are so engrossed in their jobs and routines, that they completely forget about their own existence..

You know like, all people these days can think about is..the work they have to do, the work they have to tell others to do and after everything’s been done then they’re still  thinking whether the work’s  been done correctly or not..

I mean to say, that we, humans do not free our minds..I read, once a scientific report that said, that out of the things we think today, approximately 80% of it is carried forward from yesterday, so we’re  thinking the same things, today as we thought yesterday.

All I want to say is that every one of us, no matter what our job profile is or where we live , what our preferences are…we all deserve  a life which brings us happiness and peace..

But the problem lies here..that we trap ourselves in this tangled mess of thoughts..those thoughts in which half of them are useless..about which we’ve thought earlier, had a debate about them inside our heads about a million times..but still we haven’t had enough of them..

In all this mess we’ve  forgotten to see the  other side of us..the side which is happy, jovial and enjoying every second of this life..

So stop drowning yourself in this never ending sea of worthless thoughts and start recognising what your heart actually wants you to do and be..

Because the feelings of the heart are much more important than the thoughts of the mind..

Respect your other side which craves for your attention, which wants to bring you to peace and joy..stop telling yourself that your only motto in life is to earn money and provide a good life to your family..That too is important, but not on the cost of your well being..

Because if you, yourself are not at peace then you cannot bring happiness in the life of somebody you love..

You have been living for others all these years..telling them that they are important…and doing this for all this time, you yourself have changed your mind from ‘I am important’ to ‘They are important’, it’s good that you value people but never forget that the only person who is going to be there to take all the pain for you is only one else, Because even if they want to, they cannot help you with all the physical or mental traumas you may go through…

   So stop ignoring yourself..treat yourself with the same care and respect like you treat others with..Love yourself..

Because you have an other side which is yet to be discovered by you..which is not meant for the stress , hatred and all the bad things this world has to provide..instead that side deserves love in the amounts you haven’t given to anyone..

It’s time for you to realise who you truly are..and what capabilities that your thoughts  have been forcing you to keep  inside for so long..

So..It’s finally the time to explore yourself..



11 thoughts on “#The Other Side of YOU

  1. Thoughts are like waves and mind is like ocean. The more serene your mind is less thought will emerge. You have depicted beautifully how we waste our precious life in imaginary thought processes and tax our mind with imaginary situation and has become a prisoner of past. Congrats for such pearls of wisdom.

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    1. A human mind can never be thoughtless and still positive until and unless he/she has reached the level of enlightenment according to me..It is not usually possible for social people like reach that level it takes alot of time and we don’t have that much the only quick and instant method to change our track of thinking is by doing the things which make us happy and our life better…coz’ once you start working towards them..then your thoughts will mold into positive and constructive ones then it won’t matter about what you’re thinking, because you will be busy bringing yourself at peace. And nothing’s more important than that.

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