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Sacrifice?! Oh god..what negativity this word spreads..!’Isn’t this what people usually think when they hear this word? Because they cannot associate anything but some really critical and bad situations to this collection of letters..

But why we don’t see the other side to it? The side which is not as torturous as this word seems to be?!

You know, I’ve seen people being very arrogant about the sacrifices they did for someone or because of some situations..

But, I don’t think that those deeds remain sacrifices then..because we are just showing ourselves off! We are just trying to convey how great we were..Or how we have done such a huge favor on the other person!

And sacrifice on the other side is such a pure and pious word..that relating such negative expressions to it is in itself equivalent to a crime..!

According to me, sacrifice is not giving up..instead its learning! Learning to live with the thing you gave up..It’s not a favor we do for someone..but a favor we do for ourselves!

For example..there are so many who give up on their dreams because of people who are extremely close to them or because of certain situations..but their lives stop? No! Instead they mark out a new plan to live their life..and treading on this new path maybe they are not happy initially..but eventually they even get to meet some of their new interests…of which they were not aware of earlier.

So..they learn to live a new life..a life they didn’t imagine..a life without those dreams which they lost but a life with new ambitions and a new mindset!

So you need to understand that with every sacrifice you not only lose something valuable but gain an even more important asset!

 And life’s not going to be cake walk..You need to walk down every road that comes in your way to your ultimate closure! So why not lose something better to gain the best?

So..all you need to do accepting to the idea of sacrifice..and not regret it later..or over think about it..because for whatsoever reasons you did learnt something from it..and that knowledge is what helps you in the long run!

So it’s time we stop seeing sacrifice as a storm bursting through our lives to ruin everything but  just as a windy rain which will bring out the rainbow of happiness soon!




seasons of life


First of all, I am extremely sorry for not publishing an article last week..your worried messages about my absence really made me feel so happy and guilty at the same time..And I just want to tell you that I missed you people too..Thank you so much for being so caring!

And as for today…the topic is TIME..the word which is one of the most-taken-for-granted aspects of our lives..right? I mean just think about it..

We always set up alarms for the day tomorrow and make up our schedules and planner for the year to come..

But have we ever thought that if tomorrow or for that matter the next hour or even the next second doesn’t occur then what are the things we would miss out to do?

Have we ever paid attention to those little things  which are actually the most important…?No!! We have not! And why is that? Because we are way too busy making a living that we forget to make a life!

Why don’t we see that no matter how much we try..time will not stop for us!

We cannot be everywhere..we miss out on things and you know what..It’s okay!!

 So stop running to match up with time..just enjoy every moment you have..and let time match up with you!

Observe your everyday’s not giving you’s just making you run after it..just because it’s necessary for you to survive..

It’s just making you feel that you are running out of time every second..But that’s not the truth! The reality is that you are perfectly pacing in your own time zone!

 It’s okay if  somebody is progressing more than you..because it’s their time’s not moving faster but just a little differently than yours!

So stop! Stop wasting your life on something so unimportant! You were given this life to enjoy every aspect of it..and not to insult the most important part of our lives..which is..TIME!

So start now..start to see the other side your time holds..the side which is not in fast forward motion but in the normality mode..where you are open to feel the things you want to feel..and to experience everything that life has to provide you with..’s your time..It’s you who has to live why don’t you live it with your own rules!

 So today just think of what is the thing you would regret the most if you would die this moment..what is the thing you left to live or do..and mend it..because you are not going to get another today..and maybe the next today doesn’t come live life one day at a time, today and years to come, because it won’t only make your life better but it would also give this world a human free of stress and negativity!


seasons of life



Hate..a word which denotes the most negative thoughts in just four letters…But have we ever understand why is it that we never associate positive things to this word?

When, in fact this word is full of positivity?! Just try to understand why we hate someone? Generally, because that person has something we don’t have..that can be looks or even sometimes a good soul!

Do you know what this means? This means that we just want these things for us as well…we like these things..we appreciate them, but we  just don’t like the idea of other people having all these nice things to themselves only!

And that is what creates a feeling of inferiority..which leads to jealousy..and this jealousy is what we name “hatred”…

So do you see the other side..? The other side to this so called negative word is the positive feeling of appreciation!

And appreciation leads to love! So try..try to understand what is it in the other person we hate..because that would be the thing we like in him/her the most!

And as they is too long to hate..but it is not long enough to appreciate every beautiful creation of god..of nature..

So start today..appreciate everything you see because it was created for some could be the most amazing intellect in someone..or the most dazzling house of some rich family..It could be the warmth…the understanding nature of some person..just appreciate it!

Because that will not give you grief or just tell you how low you stand..but will give you satisfaction and will rise you in other person’s eyes..

So be a bigger person..let the negativity leave your pure and pious soul..and enjoy your amazing personality by acknowledging other people’s strengths!



seasons of life


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Judging”..the very much ‘in’ word of today’s world..Both in actions and minds..

Well..I don’t think there would be anyone who would say that ‘Oh..I have never judged anyone!’ Because it’s not true..We all have judged someone at some point of time in our lives..

And not just others we have even judged our self..our capabilities..our way of doing things..And every other unique thing that we hold inside..Just because there was a set of people who didn’t feel pleasant about our existence..!

According to me judging is as heinous a crime as murder or rape..You know why? Because whether we’re judging someone else or we are judging our selves..we always end up murdering our good self and raping the other persons’ self esteem!

And I don’t understand why people try to do it? Why can’t people realize that someone’s dignity is not something to be played with..?! Why can’t they just try to see the other side to this torture they make others go through?!

Our perceptions are no reason to dislike someone..because you know..It’s not that, ‘the person is wrong, but the way we  look at him is wrong!’

It’s not that there is something wrong with them it’s just that we need to be a bit more accepting and adjusting towards others..

We need to have that  broad a thinking that we get a free mind to explore a new and different soul..

Because everybody is some character in this play of life..

We all have different jobs to accomplish and nobody has the right to judge us on the part we play!

So stop it now! Stop spreading silly rumours about people being indifferent just because you have different choices..!

Now see the other side…and look out for those things in people that you haven’t thought off till now! Explore them..encourage them to do the same with themselves..and that way you will not only feel more free but also you will feel happy and content about being a help to someone who had been lost in this maze of judgments!

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seasons of life


Image result for quotes on teachersTeacher…a word which has been loved..criticized..appreciated..and judged all at once.

This word brings so many memories to our minds..right? Memories of lectures..scoldings..extra care..and all the experiences we have had with our teachers..

We all have encountered many of them from play school to universities..different equations with every different teacher..Some we adored and some we simply ignored..

But all in all, have you ever seen a teacher more than just being a person who manages to complete our syllabus before exams or a person with whom you have to have a good equation with so that you can fetch good grades..Rarely..that is..right?

But why is that? Why do we restrict ourselves from seeing the other side of our teachers..People who are not just meant to guide us but to be guided themselves too..

Our teachers are not just teachers..they are learners too..and that’s what their other side is..

There are so many times that we don’t like a particular teacher..or just for fun we like imitating them..but have you ever thought how humiliating it is for that teacher..? Just try to imagine yourself in her place with ‘her’ mindset..wouldn’t you be reacting or talking in the same way she does?

And then wouldn’t you be feeling extremely anxious at that time? Nervous to enter a classroom full of people who are there just to judge you on the basis of how you carry yourself and not what you truly are..!

Do you know how difficult it is concentrate on teaching the students despite the different and difficult situations going on in their personal lives?

No we don’t know anything what our guide goes through on daily basis..So the least we can do is give her respect..treat her more than just a teacher..acknowledge the fact that she is a human too..

She too has the right to be in a grumpy mood and be irritated stop criticizing her on the basis of how she reacts to some situations..or how she behaves..because it’s her nature..her dislikes and likes do not have to be necessarily the same as yours..

  It’s time to recognise the human inside the body of a teacher..It’s time to cherish’s time to make her feel loved..because you owe her all of it..And you know why because she has invested something in you which she is never going to get back..Her time..!

So make her realize that she is not wasting her time and fact she is gaining respect and love from it..Understand her..make her feel that way that she understands that you care..and she will reciprocate that 100 times more..

So this teachers day..I just want to thank every teacher who has been there for me in this journey of my student life..without you..Life wouldn’t be this amazing and I am very much grateful to you for adding more vivid and brighter colors to my heart..A Very Happy Teachers all the wonderful souls out there..!

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seasons of life

#The Other Side of YOU


Lately, I’ve seen that people are so engrossed in their jobs and routines, that they completely forget about their own existence..

You know like, all people these days can think about is..the work they have to do, the work they have to tell others to do and after everything’s been done then they’re still  thinking whether the work’s  been done correctly or not..

I mean to say, that we, humans do not free our minds..I read, once a scientific report that said, that out of the things we think today, approximately 80% of it is carried forward from yesterday, so we’re  thinking the same things, today as we thought yesterday.

All I want to say is that every one of us, no matter what our job profile is or where we live , what our preferences are…we all deserve  a life which brings us happiness and peace..

But the problem lies here..that we trap ourselves in this tangled mess of thoughts..those thoughts in which half of them are useless..about which we’ve thought earlier, had a debate about them inside our heads about a million times..but still we haven’t had enough of them..

In all this mess we’ve  forgotten to see the  other side of us..the side which is happy, jovial and enjoying every second of this life..

So stop drowning yourself in this never ending sea of worthless thoughts and start recognising what your heart actually wants you to do and be..

Because the feelings of the heart are much more important than the thoughts of the mind..

Respect your other side which craves for your attention, which wants to bring you to peace and joy..stop telling yourself that your only motto in life is to earn money and provide a good life to your family..That too is important, but not on the cost of your well being..

Because if you, yourself are not at peace then you cannot bring happiness in the life of somebody you love..

You have been living for others all these years..telling them that they are important…and doing this for all this time, you yourself have changed your mind from ‘I am important’ to ‘They are important’, it’s good that you value people but never forget that the only person who is going to be there to take all the pain for you is only one else, Because even if they want to, they cannot help you with all the physical or mental traumas you may go through…

   So stop ignoring yourself..treat yourself with the same care and respect like you treat others with..Love yourself..

Because you have an other side which is yet to be discovered by you..which is not meant for the stress , hatred and all the bad things this world has to provide..instead that side deserves love in the amounts you haven’t given to anyone..

It’s time for you to realise who you truly are..and what capabilities that your thoughts  have been forcing you to keep  inside for so long..

So..It’s finally the time to explore yourself..



seasons of life

#The Girl

So..a few weeks back I saw a movie..MOM..and I don’t think that there has been a movie in a long while in the Indian industry which has displayed such a negative plot such as rape with utmost positivity..

 It showed the other side of two most important aspects of a child’s and a parent’s life..

First, when your parents don’t allow you to do certain things or go somewhere..they are not trying to impose their rules on you..they are just trying to protect you from every bad atmosphere the world has to provide you with. So the other side to those restrictions is the concern your parents have for you..

Second, the most taken for granted people in our lives..our parents, no matter how naive or gentle they are..they can go to any limits to hurt the people who hurt us..their children..So their other side could be as ruthless to other people as gentle and loving they are to us.

This movie..was a whole new experience for me..And I too wrote a poem describing the plight of the victim..which I would like to share with you all..


Being a Girl 

There she was, lying in the pool of blood..The personality, she was proud of had all turned into disgust!

Touches she felt on her skin now frightened her the most…The scenes of the previous night were haunting her like ghosts..

They had destroyed her self-respect and had not just touched her body…And after murdering her every emotion of happiness, what they had said was just a ‘sorry’..

As if that word would get her back to life again..As if that word could evaporate that stinging pain..

She wanted to wake up..she wanted to fight back..but it was the strength and hope that she had lacked..

That body which was now just a stack of bones..There were so many of her dreams that had been torn..

Dying there..she wanted to shout out to the world..

‘That her only fault was of being a girl..that her only fault was of being a girl’


I would request you all to see this film with your parents or children..because this movie is an eye opener not just for the parents and children but also those criminals who feel they can do anything and then get away with it..

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Just a three-lettered word..which has been used..criticized..promoted and even personified by so many of us..that I sometimes wondered..that why are people obsessed with this word, ‘ego’?

As for me, I don’t believe that there’s any other, meaning for it except for negativity..Because I feel it’s the only reason for beautiful things to be messed up! Be it anything from careers to relationships..It kills everything!

But how many of know the actual reason..for this tornado inside destroy everything we love? Very few people, I believe.

I’ve realized this fact that, It’s not the ego we’re obsessed about, it’s actually ‘US’ who we’re obsessed about…

‘The way people should value us and should be feeling obliged that they have a human being like ourselves in their lives..’  This is the thinking..of people these days.

We all want to be treated very highly..But because of this need of our ‘ego’ we forget, that nobody is  going to treat us the way we want them to..until and unless we do the same with them..

And that is where our ego begins..and self-esteem shatters..

I’ve finally understood this fact that, ‘ego’ is nothing but a level above self-esteem..But both the words hold meanings which are way too different..

As self-esteem craves for respect, whereas ego starves for power..

And we are so generous towards the needs of our ego that we are feeding it.. In fact..we are over-feeding it!

Which is not good..Instead, if we forget our ego and feed our self-esteem then we are going to earn the biggest power in the world..And that is ‘Respect’..with that comes trust, love and humility!

When you can earn this power by little deeds of kindness and humanity then why to go against people..making enemies..just to gain authority..which may not be there forever in your hand?!

And as for the other side of ego..I don’t think it has any..because I can’t imagine a scenario where it can do something which makes people happy..except for the person who is holding this big disease inside them..!

So, this time I’ll just request you all to let the medicine of self-respect heal the wound our ego has created in our souls..just to live a life of happiness and peace.


seasons of life





Lately I’ve observed that people no longer smile as often they did some time back…they don’t enjoy themselves as much they did earlier..

And I do not understand why! You know people have made life such a serious thing to deal with, that it’s frightening

People have created such hype about how difficult it is to live a happy life! And they don’t realise that it is they, themselves who make their lives hard to live…Nobody else does that for them!

  We have made this idea called ‘life’ so depressing that we’ve forgotten the actual meaning of it.

Don’t you think so..? Like see, we all want to get to our childhood once again…why do we want that? Because we were tensionfree…there was no stress..and most importantly we didn’t have to think about others…we were immature…and we were happy..

I want to ask you all…can’t we be just like that now..Like tension free, happy and…immature? I know that most of your answers would be a simple ‘No’, but why?! Because, you have so many things on your mind? Because, you are a grown up now? Ask yourself..are these your reasons for not loving the lives you’ve got?

I want you to see the other side of your life and how you treat it…You’ve stopped being the person you were..full of life and a burst of happiness..where has it all gone?

I guess it has vanished with your growing age..And that’s where you are making a big mistake..
Growing age demands a growing body but not an ageing heart!

So stop! Stop pretending that you have to be mature..and serious all the time..because you don’t have to be that way!

There’s nothing wrong in being a kid in your 40s!It’s pretty much okay to crave for your favourite ice cream at 2 in the night…It’s okay to want to enjoy some rides you did in childhood..

It’s very much stop thinking what people might think, because they are not dealing with the stress in your are, and you deserve to be happy! Trust me on this..

And maybe not always..but it’s totally cool to be immature sometimes, Because life’s not a cake walk, It will be a hilly road, sometimes you’ll have your ups and sometimes you’ll have your downs…But between all that beautiful mess don’t forget the child that still lives on in your heart..don’t forget that child who still longs to play..Don’t forget yourself!

Because you hold the most important place in your life!





seasons of life



I’ve lately observed that people have lost the passion for patience…like you know people have stopped realising this fact that they need to be patient sometimes..I feel there’s this new fashion of getting irritated and agitated these days..Isn’t it?

I mean..think about it..when was the last time..when somebody screamed at you and you didn’t scream back or  felt the need to murder that person then and there ?

Presently we have that situation where everybody gets angry in a just need to push some buttons…right?

But why is it happening?! It is happening because we all are so stressed about this idea called life…that  no one has the courage to even think about being patient! As they feel that patience is nothing but a simple waste of time…

But I want to show those people the other side to it…I want to tell them that waste of time is not patience..wastage is..being frustrated on little things…It’s the wastage of all those special moments which we lose by sulking or being in that grumpy mood all day long..because we don’t want to be patient!

I know it’s not possible to be patient in every scenario..that life provides you …But atleast we can try..In this fast world…we can try to slow down those negative emotions which develop inside us and then eat us up!

Can’t we? I am pretty sure..that we can…The thing is, that we just need some self-motivation…that’s it! We need to teach ourselves to be happy…and the way to happiness is peace..And you can maintain peace only when you are patient..

And have you ever seen an irritated  person..peaceful? No..right?

So if you want peace then stop taking tension about all those things out there…because they’ll keep on happening..they’ll not stop..

But you need to..You need to stop those mood need to understand that your happiness is importantAnd you deserve to be happy in every moment!

So stop punishing yourself with all those wrong reactions you give in certain situations…because you are the only one who is going to deal with the consequences..and nobody else..

So we just need to understand the difference between what we want and what we deserve..And all of you all deserve the best..and I am quite sure of that…so your reactions should be in sync with what you get in the if you want the best..then you need to work for it..Be at your best in every thing you do..even in reaction to different things..

Because you know life’s like a child…It has the ability to make you smile and also to make you cry the worst…So treat it like you will treat your child..sportingly..on every difficult path..don’t leave it’s hand..

It will give several chances to back off but you need to be patient enough to hold on and move further..because just the way we wish to see our children happy in the end the same way we need to greet our mortality with open arms after the different curves of this long journey…

Patience is the key to your happily ever after..So take it easy..And try to understand this fact that with patience  you can conquer the things which you wouldn’t win even after a gruesome fight…